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William E. Ketchum III is a journalist who covers music, pop culture, race, culture and social justice.

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Terrace martin article

Producer Terrace Martin Explains How Kendrick Arrived at 'Damn,' and Where He's Going Next

Terrace Martin talks about him and Kendrick Lamar's future smash with Rihanna, the decision to make Damn a contemporary rap album, and what Kendrick has in common with Herbie Hancock.

Img 7990 article
National Public Radio

Watch Kemba's Video For The Song 'Greed' : NPR

In a new video for the song "Greed," the Bronx lyricist spits pensive rhymes about capitalism's winners and losers.

Raekwon the wild album cover art article

Review: With "The Wild," Raekwon Is Now Rap's Benjamin Button

Always "Striving For Perfection."

8cd5d899b048a46e3800badb84c30c66.980x700x1 article

Bink! Explains How He Pushed Rick Ross To Make His Best Album

“Ross is right up there with Hov and Ye. Same skill set, if you will."

Bigsean press sm wide 27340bb54f4d900e599d3016d138a437dde23a04 s800 c85 article
National Public Radio

Don't Bother Big Sean — He's Working : The Record : NPR

After forgiving himself for failing to follow his creative instincts, the Detroit rapper has decided he knows what's best.

Jay z article

Jay Z’s Induction to the Songwriters Hall of Fame Is Too Little, Too Late

It's a pick so late to the game that it feels more like a slight than an achievement.

Chance the rapper article

The Grammys Proved That Hip-Hop Is Still the Heart of Musical Innovation

Chance The Rapper is the latest leader, but he's far from the only innovator in hip-hop this year.

Quelle chris 600 3 article

Being Quelle Chris: A Look Inside The Rapper’s Quirky Hip-Hop Sound

While it's tough to categorize Quelle Chris' blend of music, the rapper/producer has a style you have to hear.

Stik figa 600 article

Topeka's Stik Figa on 'Rap Flyover Country' « Bandcamp Daily

Stik Figa hails from Topeka, Kansas, a city known more for the Supreme Court’s Brown v. Board of Education ruling, which led to desegregation, than any hip-hop icons.

Ava duvernay article

Oscars Not So White? Academy Gives Overdue Props To Black Artists

The work to get black Hollywood its props are far from over, but the list of nominees for the 2017 Oscars is a big step in the right direction.

Staff picks william ketchums best albums of 2016 copy article

William E. Ketchum III's Best Albums of 2016 [Okayplayer]

Staff Picks: William E. Ketchum III's Best Albums of 2016

Mic write 600 1 article

Mic Write on Police Brutality, Gentrification, and Misconceptions of Detroit

Mic Write talks about public misconceptions about Detroit, how his students taught him a lesson about police brutality, and how a teacher falsely accused him of committing a writer’s worst offense.

Aaca45b8e1c0912ed35dac70cc3c6bff.700x414x1 article

How Trick Daddy Introduced Hip-Hop To The Internet With 'www.thug.com'

The Miami rapper’s 1998 LP pioneered rap's Ethernet connection.

Dj khaled ariana huffington 2016 billboard 1548 article

'You're a Modern Day Philosopher': Arianna Huffington & DJ Khaled Have 'Major' Discussion at Columbia University

Shortly before the semester’s finals week, Ivy League students in New York City got to see DJ Khaled drop his keys to success in person.

Chance  the rapper vford 8882 article

Chance The Rapper + Hip-Hop Win Regardless – Now, The Grammys Can Win Too [Opinion]

Chance The Rapper is nominated for seven Grammys — and for the first time in recent memory, the Academy isn’t playing catch-up.