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William E. Ketchum III is a journalist who covers music, pop culture, race, culture and social justice.

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Terrace martin article

Producer Terrace Martin Explains How Kendrick Arrived at 'Damn,' and Where He's Going Next

Terrace Martin talks about him and Kendrick Lamar's future smash with Rihanna, the decision to make Damn a contemporary rap album, and what Kendrick has in common with Herbie Hancock.

Joeybadass article

Joey Badass Gets Defiantly Patriotic on 'All-Amerikkkan Badass'

Joey Badass won’t give up on his relentless pursuit of the American dream—even as a crooked system drops barriers in his path.

Jay z article

Jay Z’s Induction to the Songwriters Hall of Fame Is Too Little, Too Late

It's a pick so late to the game that it feels more like a slight than an achievement.

Chance the rapper article

The Grammys Proved That Hip-Hop Is Still the Heart of Musical Innovation

Chance The Rapper is the latest leader, but he's far from the only innovator in hip-hop this year.

Coleye article

What J. Cole's "False Prophets" Reveals About His Relationship With Kanye

J. Cole has complicated relationships with his idols.

Jim jones hustlers pome article

Jim Jones Recalls "We Fly High" 10 Years Later: "I Actually Hate The ...

To celebrate the song’s 10-year anniversary, Complex spoke with Capo about its unexpected origins as a snap music collaboration, how he slyly used a Jay Z diss to his advantage, and as always, the future of Dipset.

Screen shot 2016 10 05 at 12.16.16 am article

T.I. on Protest Rap: "Just Because It's Socially Conscious Doesn't Mean It Shouldn't Be Dope"

Speaking with Complex, T.I. discussed what he learned from these activists, the criticism he received for what many saw as detrimental tweets about Black Lives Matter, and why Quavo’s voice is just as valuable as anyone else’s during this time of need.

Csfjknxxyaamp i article

Jazz Can't Keep Up With Robert Glasper

Piano virtuoso Robert Glasper doesn’t have a problem with music being split into genres—as long as it’s not used as an excuse to stay stagnant.

Gettyimages 578234018 clagmc article

This Drake and Meek Mill Battle Needs To Stop | Complex

It's been a full year now since Drake released "Charged Up" and "Back To Back." It's time to move on.

Rae sremmurd  110 wfdorw article

Rae Sremmurd and the Hater-Proof Power of “High Metabolism

The duo are coping with industry pressure by doing what they do best: staying lit, and staying in the studio for solo projects (and Katy Perry).

Untitled 1 gwpc29 rahhjl article

Is Jay Z Selling Out? | Complex

Reports say that Apple has entered exploratory talks to acquire Tidal. If Jay Z goes along with this, does it make him a sellout?

Kanye west kim kardashian famous video article

With the "Famous" Visual, Kanye West Proves He's Still Running Rap | Complex

Whether you love the video for Kanye West’s “Famous” or hate it, one thing is clear: In 2016, he has recaptured the throne and is again the king of rap.

Lh6xymm3ygqnxicecryg article article

The 25 Funniest Celebrity Twitter Hacks

We've rounded up the 25 Funniest Celebrity Twitter Hacks that we have ever seen so you can look back and laugh again and, also, to give future hackers something to aspire to.


13 Essential Quotes From Meek Mill's Taxstone Interview

The Philly spitter talks Drake, Nicki, and how social media isn't real life....

Open uri20161106 12837 13s8o4e article

The 30 Funniest Twitter Parody Accounts

Some people complain about the parody accounts on Twitter. We just laugh. Here are the best of the bunch....