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William E. Ketchum III

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William E. Ketchum III is a journalist who covers music, pop culture, race, culture and social justice.

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Q-Tip's Top 10 Freelance Productions - WatchLOUDWatchLOUD

Q-Tip is known as the frontman and visionary behind A Tribe Called Quest, but his skills behind the boards don’t stop with the midnight marauders.

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Q-Tip's Top 10 Freelance Productions - WatchLOUD

Q-Tip's production for A Tribe Called Quest is undeniable, but these beats he made for others deserve some accolades as well....

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Kendrick Lamar & Why Context Matters In Music [OPINION] - WatchLOUD

Words By William E. Ketchum, III Kendrick Lamar’s single “i” has received mixed reviews since its release last week, but fans are still hopeful for the Compton emcee’s upcoming project. Supporters are patiently waiting to see how the song contextually fits into the full picture on his follow-up to 2012’s...

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10 Essential Black Milk Solo Songs

Our list of 10 essential songs by Detroit rapper/producer Black Milk....

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Bobby Shmurda, Iggy Azalea & The Other Side Of Cultural Appropriation [OPINION] - WatchLOUD

Words by William E. Ketchum, III (@WEKetchum) The success of white artists in black music like Iggy Azalea, Macklemore and Robin Thicke has developed a lot of conversation, within entertainment and outside of it, about cultural appropriation. These white musicians have been able to enjoy the fruits of black art, while...